Skater for Life

I skated as kid and into my teens back in the 1980’s.  I’ll be the first to admit tricks never came easy to me. When I finally did learn a new trick I felt a real sense of accomplishment because the hours and hours of failing finally paid off. I loved the freedom and camaraderie skateboarding gave me and the exercise was an added bonus none of us even thought about. Skateboarding taught me that persistence and hard work are the only way to succeed at anything. It also taught me that failing is not necessarily a bad thing. Fast forward many, many years and I picked up the board again. I’m now in my mid 40’s and skating is about different things. OK, I can still bust out an ollie if I have to but that’s the extent of my trick repertoire. Skateboarding for me now is about smooth cruising on a longboard, old-school deck or cruiser. I also get to enjoy and share skateboarding with my teenage son. Skating is a way of life and even if you put it aside for a while the lessons you learn will stay with you.