Late 1980’s Toronto Skateboard Culture

It was great being a skater in Toronto during the late 80’s. There weren’t many of us around so we found our kind and stuck together. There were groups of skaters all around the city and generally each stayed in their own area.

We skated in East York and spent most of our time at William Burgess public school . It had a smooth parking lot with plenty of curbs to grind and rail-slide. We would also bring our launch ramps to the back of the school and see how much air we could get.

Occasionally we would venture out to other neighborhoods to see what they had to offer. There was the Duke of Connaught near the Beaches that had a cool bowl type playground that provided much road rash. There was also the secret half-pipe in the valley at Thorncliffe Park. Now that was really cool it was hidden about 100 feet down from the path along the soccer field. To this day I still don’t know who built it and how they managed to build it down there.

“Back in the day” there were only a couple of places to buy skateboards with the best being Hogtown on Gerrard and Main. The first shop was kind of a dive but the selection was top notch and the people were awesome. There was also Reams Cycle on Victoria Park (I think), this is where I bought my very first pro deck. Of all the decks I had it was always my favorite… a Brand-X Sean Geoff (the first one in the picture).

Vintage Brand-X Skateboards

I’m trying to dig up some pictures to post so check back soon. Thanks for reading.