Our Story

Skater owned and operated,  I started skating the 80’s and picked it up again a few years back. An entrepreneurial spirit has always been in my blood and I enjoy creating.

In 2017 I started pressing and selling skateboards and up-cycling old skateboards into new cruiser boards. I also salvage broken skateboards and up-cycle them into new cool products.

Things were going good but in late 2019 I rediscovered Fingerboarding and 6Skates really took off!

I was fascinated by the community and how far design and quality of fingerboards had come over the years. I stopped making skateboards and started making fingerboards.

The fingerboard community has a great DIY culture which supports small brands and makers like 6Skates. Like the fingerboard scene 6Skates is inclusive and accepting off all people every is welcome and treated with respect and appreciation!