Our Story

Thanks for taking the time to visit our home on the WWW. I’ve been a skater since the 80’s and picked it up again a few years back. An entrepreneurial spirit has always been in my blood plus I enjoy creating and figuring out how to make things.

When I started skating again I noticed there were less local skate shops and brands in Toronto. Well in 2016 I decided to do something about that and started 6Skates. The plan was to make some cool designs and have someone manufacture the decks for me.

I was spending a lot of time at the great local Toronto skate parks what I noticed changed everything. “Back in the day” (OK, now I sound old), we skated our decks until they broke or the tails were worn down to the back trucks. My Lance Mountain with Boneite lasted me 2 1/2 years! Today skaters are getting news decks at a faster pace and the old ones are ending up in the trash.

I decided to pivot the entire direction of 6Skates. Instead buying decks from a manufacturer I would salvage old decks and re-manufacture them into new cruiser boards. This not only extends the usable life of the deck but it preserves the value of the resources used to make the skateboard. It’s like a Circular Economy for skateboards. I immediately set to work refining the re-manufacturing process with quality being the number one priority. Every deck is unique, the re-manufacturing is done locally and by hand.

In early 2018 I expanded our product line to include new hand made custom decks. These are individually pressed from Canadian Maple laminates and are made in our small Toronto workshop. We also added a full line of unbranded skateboard accessories, components and clothing to our offerings making a complete one stop shop!

If you want to connect with 6skates check us out on Instagram or email us.

Thanks for checking out our web page and I hope to see you around Toronto this year!