Explore the Best Fingerboard Setups at 6skates - Toronto's Top Fingerboard Shop

Explore the Best Fingerboard Setups at 6skates - Toronto's Top Fingerboard Shop

Are you on the hunt for the ultimate fingerboard setup in Toronto? Whether you're just starting out or you're a seasoned pro, 6skates has everything you need to build your perfect fingerboard. Let's drop-in to the essentials of creating a top-notch fingerboard setup!

The Board: At the heart of every fingerboard setup is the board itself. At 6skates, located in East Toronto, we offer boards that provide exceptional control and stability, ensuring your tricks land smoothly every time. Choose from a variety of shapes and sizes to match your style – from the popular 34mm wide 'popsicle' shaped decks to the throw back 29mm thin decks. It's all about what feels right in your hands!

Trucks: Trucks are crucial to your fingerboard's performance. At 6skates, we provide both entry-level Shop Trucks and professional-grade trucks from leading brands like Blackriver, Dynamic Fingerboards, and Caramel Fingerboards. Pro Trucks are crafted from better materials, offer unmatched durability and precision, ideal for ease of use and tricks. For those just starting out, our Shop Trucks provide a solid foundation for learning the basics.

Wheels: The wheels can make all the difference in fingerboarding. 6skates' selection includes Pro Wheels made from high-quality polymers for optimal performance and CNC Wheels for those beginning their fingerboarding journey. Professional wheels feature quality bearings for a smoother ride and greater control, while our CNC Wheels offer a budget-friendly option without compromising on the fun of fingerboarding.

Grip Tape: No setup is complete without the right Grip Tape. At 6skates, we offer a vast selection of foam grip tape, ensuring a strong connection between your fingers and the board for better trick control. From thin to standard thickness, find the grip that suits your style.

Ready to build your ideal fingerboard setup? Visit 6skates in East York at 1936 Danforth Ave, where we will help you choose the right components for your skill level and style. Or, explore our collection online and feel free to reach out with any questions.

Start your fingerboarding adventure with 6skates today!

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