Clip On Phone Camera Lens – Fisheye Lens, Super Wide Angle & Macro


Take your Fingerboard clips and edits to the next level with this simple clip on lens.

It’s compact so you can fit it in your FB bag or pop it in your pocket. It’s versatile too giving you 3 lens options all in one design.

– Material: Aluminum Alloy and Glass
– Size: 11 x 6 x 2cm
– Interface: 52mm universal interface
– Professional High Definition lens reduces glass flare, distortion and ghosting.
– It has a Super Wide Angle Lens, a Macro Lens and a fishsye lens which are interchangeable.
– Super Wide Angle Lens can expands the viewing field tremendously which allows you to capture a larger field of view.
– Macro Lens allows you to capture intricate details with precision-focus and crisp pictures.
– The clip makes it easy to remove and place onto your device and will not damage your phone or tablet.

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