Yellowood Ytrucks X5 – 34mm Chrome/Gold


Brand New Ytrucks – X5 Series 34mm Fingerboard Trucks

Yellowood X5 Ytrucks are the most advanced truck made to date.

The stainless steel axle has longer threads so you can use different wheels brands with less wobbles. These wider trucks have a lower center of gravity making your setup more stable on pop, grind and landing.

Take your Fingerboarding to next level!!

Extra resistent
AutoBlock V2
Vitton bushings
Low maintenance
Advance design
Fits all wheels

You get:

– 2 Complete Trucks
– 4 AutoBlock V.II Nuts
– 8 Hexagonal Screws
– 1 Ykey II tool
– Ytrucks stickers

Proudly Made in Portugal.

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